We dont call a Bike a Trike, nor a Trike a Bike.

Motorcycle Hearses are becoming more popular at Funerals

Established since 2015

After working for several years as a pall bearer and within a funeral parlour, together with being an avid motorcycle rider, I decided to send a fallen loved one out the way they lived… with a motorcycle!

I built my own Convertible Motorcycle Sidecar Hearse, I previously purchased a Trike Hearse so now I am able to offer either a Trike with a towing Hearse or a Sidecar Bike. Motorcycle Hearse are available for all funerals. We are located on the south coast, West Sussex and service all of the UK.

Whether you are a hardcore biker, weekend warrior, urban biker, motorcross, fisherman, truck driver, military, police officer or just someone who wants to break with tradition, we are here to serve you.

John on Trike

Our mission statement

Give bikers and non-bikers a non-traditional, memorable final ride.

Motorcycle funeral Committed to providing a professional service and treating customers with dignity and respect regardless of age, race, religion, or club affiliation.

Never disrespect our customer’s memory of their loved one by offering our hearses for anything except what it is created for…  “A Ride to Remember.

Nothing prepares us for losing someone special in our lives. When faced with bereavement I am always a bit lost for words.’

– John Harris 

Why Choose Us

  • Non-traditional funeral
  • Bespoke options
  • Professional service
  • Ideal for bikers and non-bikers alike
  • Competitive prices
  • Unforgettable final journey
Motorcycle Hearse 
The Motorcycle Trike and Hearse Funeral Service is available to families and funeral directors throughout the UK.

Contact Us


02392 371892 (9am – 5pm weekdays )

Mobile:  07811 993110  ( 9am – 5pm weekdays )
Email:    johnharris6420@yahoo.com